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gwyn-dolyn-2           About the Author

Gwyn Dolyn’s primary setting for “Magnificats; The Return of the Demon Wind” is Ireland. Magnificats concept occurred after traveling there – where the magic that colors the Erin land attuned her to ancient lore; where even city workers dare not move a tree to install a road that may house a thousand Faerie families (especially since Faeries retaliate in the most uncomfortable ways)? And schools teach a language of trees.

Magnificats is an adventure featuring magical nine-lived cats, and two teen girls separated from their families. Over time the characters learn that nothing is coincidence, and everything is magic. And one should never ignore a leaf that lands at one’s feet, especially if it comes with a changing wind. The supernatural story of Magnificats could begin nowhere other than the (other) enchanted Emerald Isle.

Gwyn Dolyn holds a B.A. in Educational Philosophy, with focus on multicultural learning philosophies, with competencies in the healing arts. She taught art from K-12 in court, public, and private schools. Her career evolved into Child Protective Services advocacy, which provided her insight behind the iron curtain of the foster care system, and into the lives of children and teens under conditions of poverty, abuse, and neglect.

Gwyn writes periodically for her local newspaper on military history and American armed services heroes under the name of Toni McGowan. This experience has taught her what forms a hero. Magnificat Tak and other characters in this debut novel exhibit those values.

Her family has deep roots in Coronado, CA, with her maternal grandfather, Carl Klindt, serving the community as a police Sergeant and twice acting Chief from 1931 until retirement. Her paternal side, the Turnipseed’s, all grew up in Coronado and graduated from Coronado High School. Her relatives served as Green Berets, UDT Frogmen, and Ships Cook.

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