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Night at the Library: Article from the Coronado Eagle Journal:

Coronado Eagle Journal – Posted: Monday, January 23, 2017
The 4th annual Night at the Library will be held on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, hosted by the Friends of the Coronado Public Library (FOL). It is the goal of FOL to further community awareness of what the Coronado Public Library has to offer our community from the myriad of books to the Winn Room events.
The most recent addition is the new media lab which will be open that evening.
The event will be a evening of food, drinks, fun, a silent auction, cake walk and the highlight of the evening – talks by six of our recently published Coronado authors. Proceeds from this event are used by the FOL to fund many of the library activities such as the concerts and lecture series.
This week we focus on the sixth and last of our authors. Toni McGowan is a name familiar to many of you from her efforts to bring the Avenue of Heroes to our fair city.
McGowan has chosen to write under the name Gwyn Dolyn. Her book is, as they say, hot off the presses; it was just released this past week. “Magnificats – Return of the Demon Wind” is set in Ireland, quite fitting with her husband’s Irish heritage. They loved touring there so much that she decided to use it as the backdrop for her novel. “Magnificats” is an adventure story featuring the magical band of nine-lived cats and two teen girls. It has the magic of Irish fork lore in which McGowan ‘s cats take part in adventures that some describe as the animal kingdom trying to help heal the planet. Nothing occurs by “happenstance”.
Read it while you can and enjoy your evening with McGowan and her Irish tale. Her book is now at the Coronado Public Library and sales have already begun at Bay Books. And yes, McGowan said she has started work on the sequel.
Enjoy your reading. FOL hopes to see you at the library on Friday, Feb. 3, 2017.

This year’s Night at the Library will feature six local, recently published authors. They are R.G. Head, Joan Carney, Tom Barry, Barbara McNally, Ted Nulty and Toni McGowan writing as Gwyn Dolyn. Feb. 3, 2017. Coronado Library.b