Dogpatch Press Review: Fred Patton


Frances Atwood, LCSW, HT Practitioner, and retired Child Protective Services Worker for the County of San Diego:

“The Magic of the story will weave it’s way into your world…a testimony to the communal healing that can take place in the animal kingdom which can easily translate into the biosocialpsych world. Nothing occurs by “Happenstance” is a running theme that provides reason to the danger the main characters, two teen girls, Apple and Krystal, face. Listen in love, the animal kingdom is helping to heal the planet. A healing in which we can all participate. A delightfully powerful story authored by a magically inspired ‘cat lady’ teaching us how we can help each other with the force of love.”

My First Amazon Review:

Tom Tweed

5 out of 5 stars Wow!
“If you have always suspected that cats might secretly rule the world, do not read this book–your fears will only be confirmed. We humans (or Archers, as they apparently call us) are so full of ourselves that we can’t see the obvious–that cats have been helping and protecting us since the beginning of life on earth, especially the special, magical ones called Magnificats. If you haven’t figured this out before, it’s because they don’t want you to.

Gwyn Dolyn has written and illustrated a clever, imaginative, and entertaining tale about cats saving the world that is aimed at middle-school students and up, but can also be enjoyed by animal-loving adults with an eye for the magic that surrounds us all.”

Ralene from Desert Hot Springs, CA 

I thought this book was very fascinating from the beginning to the end. I liked how it brought life to the earth, such as the wind, the trees, spiders webs and especially cats! Not only the fantasy intrigued me, but the lives of two young girls & their survival was captivating. There was excitement, suspense and twist n turns. Look forward to more!

Stephanie from Massachusetts 

🤗! Such an amazing accomplishment! I am already on chapter 4, and can’t put it down! So happy for you! It’s taking me to another world, such a wonderful read! I can’t wait to finish it!